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Support Centre
Find the answers to your questions and get the support you need with the VentraIP help centre.

What is a Server Management Day Pass and what does it cover?

VentraIP provides self-managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS). This means that our support is limited to basic tasks such as power cycling your machine. For any further tasks that you or your server administrator need assistance with, you’ll need to purchase a Server Management Day Pass.

What does Server Management Day Pass cover?

  • cPanel/LiteSpeed/CloudLinux Installation (requires the applicable licenses)
  • Configuring basic server security and hardening policies
  • cPanel Account Migrations (from existing cPanel services)
  • Kernel and Software updates
  • Server configuration issues
  • Spamming / IP reputation & blacklist issues

How do I purchase a Server Management Day Pass?

To purchase, simply Submit an eTicket to our Technical Support team through VIPControl letting us know what the issue is. If it falls outside the scope of our basic support but can be handled with a Day Pass, our team will generate and send one out to you.

Please Note: Unfortunately at this time, our Server Management Day Passes only covers cPanel-related items on CentOS. This does NOT cover any development related items such as issues with site scripts, design or functionality. If your VPS is not running CentOS then we will not be able to assist with anything related to it.

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