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What is an auDA Complaint and how do I resolve it?

What is an auDA Complaint?

The .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) is the policy body that manages and enforces the rules for all domains in the .au namespace. For example, they regulate the prerequisite to have an ABN or ACN to register a .com.au domain.

When registering a domain name in the .au namespace, you agree to follow the .au Domain Administration Rules. Breaching these rules means you can be subject to an auDA Complaint, which serves as a “last chance” to amend the policy violation with auDA directly via their Compliance Team.

When a complaint is raised against a domain, Synergy Wholesale emails the domain’s Registrant Contact to inform them of the new case.

Why is there a complaint on my domain?

Having an auDA Complaint raised against your domain does not necessarily mean that a third party has complained. The vast majority of cases are raised after auDA routinely audits a handful of domains. If their Compliance Team identifies an issue with an audited domain, they will contact us and open a new case.

There are multiple reasons why your domain may have breached .au Policy, but most cases are simply due to outdated Registrant information (eg. cancelled ABN) or missing details. The email you received from Synergy Wholesale will outline the basis for the complaint in the header.

Why did I receive an email from Synergy Wholesale instead of VentraIP Australia?

Synergy Wholesale is the sister company and primary registrar for VentraIP Australia. You can verify this information, along with your current Registrant information, using auDA’s WHOIS lookup tool. Because of this, all active domain complaints are managed through Synergy Wholesale.

What do I do to get the complaint removed from my domain?

You will need to reply directly to the email you received from Synergy Wholesale, and they can begin the process of removing the complaint from your domain. They can explain the complaint further when you contact them and work with you and auDA to remove it from the domain.

If you are unable to reply back to the email, please instead reach out to the Synergy Wholesale Complaints Team via their email (customercare@synergywholesale.com).

Please Note: The Customer Care team at Synergy Wholesale is only available during standard business hours on weekdays and does not have a direct phone number for you to contact regarding auDA complaints. All auDA correspondence is handled via email only.

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