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Dedicated Email Hosting vs cPanel Email Hosting
Updated Friday February 5th 2021 / Category Web Hosting

What is Dedicated Email Hosting?

Dedicated Email Hosting is a service from VentraIP Australia that allows you to send and receive emails from a platform designed for emails only. This product is suited to those who only want to host email for their domain, or need more storage space than what the cPanel web hosting plans can offer.

Dedicated email hosting is essentially a standalone email hosting platform, which isn’t affected by the issues with cPanel email listed above, and offers the following features that cPanel does not:

  • Axigen webmail interface
  • CalDAV Calendars
  • Spam Experts inbound and outbound spam filtering
  • Redundancy
  • All storage is dedicated to your emails

Dedicated Email Hosting can be used independently from Web Hosting, so a cPanel account or website isn’t necessary.

What is cPanel Email Hosting?

cPanel Email Hosting refers to the Email service available within your cPanel Web Hosting service. All of our web hosting products have the email functionality available at no extra cost. Your settings and data for this can be accessed from your cPanel interface. See this Getting Started guide for more information on where to find this part of your cPanel hosting service.

How can I tell if what type of email hosting I’m using?

If you have been logging into webmail from, that means you’re using Dedicated Email Hosting. You can also be sure that you’re not using our Dedicated Email Hosting if there is no products in the Email Hosting tab of VIPControl.

You can use a DNS lookup or third-party tool such as MXToolbox to confirm what your domain’s MX records are. cPanel will usually set your MX records to match your domain name, but VentraIP Dedicated email uses records ending with *

Still not sure? Reach out to our friendly support team via LiveChat, phone, or eTicket for confirmation on which email service you’re using.

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