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Registering an AU domain name as a Trust
Updated Thursday June 9th 2022 / Category Domain Names

When attempting to register or complete a change of registrant on an eligible AU domain name using a Trust ABN as your Eligibility Number, you will receive the following error, as the beneficiary of the trust is required to be eligible to hold the AU domain name:

‘Invalid ABN Entity. We cannot accept a Trust entity as a form of eligibility.’

If presented with this error, you should then resubmit your order with the Trustee’s ABN/ACN instead. You can confirm the Trustee’s ABN/ACN via the Trust Deed.

Correct Example:

For this particular example, we will assume the Trust and Trustee’s details are as per below:

ABN of Trust: 91 123 456 789
Entity Name: The Example Trust

ABN of Trustee (Company Example/ Sole Trader Example): 21 101 234 567 / 74 789 456 123
Entity Name: Trust Company Name Pty Ltd / John Citizen

Based on the details above; you will need to submit your registration with the Trustee’s ABN

Domain Name:
Registrant Name: Trust Company Name Pty Ltd
Registrant ID: 21 101 234 567
Eligibility Type: Company

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