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What to do when your domain name has been stolen, hijacked or transferred without permission
Updated Wednesday January 27th 2021 / Category Domain Policy

If your domain name has been stolen, hijacked or transferred but remains with VentraIP Australia you should contact us through your VIPControl by submitting a new eTicket.

We can investigate this issue for you to provide as much information as we can within the realms of privacy law, however, we cannot guarantee the reversal of actions – this will be determined at the time of investigation based on facts available to us.

In the event your domain name has been transferred to another domain name registry, the situation then falls outside of our control and you will be required to contact the governing body of that particular domain namespace.

Where it is a gTLD (domains such as .com, .net, etc) you should consider ICANN’s dispute resolution process found here.

Where the registration type is a .AU, you may go through auDA as per this link.

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