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Eligibility requirements for .gay

.gay domain names are governed by the .gay Community Protection Policy to establish .gay as an LGBTQ-friendly internet space. These policies can be found online here.

The following behaviours will be prohibited on .gay domains:

  • Inciting or promoting violence against LGBTQ persons;
  • Bullying, engaging in cyberbullying or inciting others to bully;
  • Harassing, or encouraging others to harass or harm others;
  • Stalking;
  • Abusive intent to cause fear or threaten violence;
  • Hate speech;
  • or activity intended to organise, coordinate, or otherwise enable one of the above.

Additionally, registrations are prohibited to parties that are, or are associated with, recognised hate groups.

Additionally, .gay domains with Forum websites must have enforcement policies and capabilities to respond to contributor behaviour that violates the above.

By registering any .gay domain name, the registrant agrees to the Acceptable Use Policies for .gay. Please ensure you have read, understand and are in compliance with the stipulated terms.

If you believe a .gay domain name is breaching these Policies, Top Level Design, the .gay registry will accept and investigate complaints. More information.

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