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Getting Started with WHM – Step 3: Creating new account packages

This is part of a multi-step guide to get started with your WHM account on Reseller Shared hosting or on a VPS service that includes cPanel/WHM.

These guides will cover initial configuration and setup to get you ready to create cPanel accounts. Below you can can find links to each other section:

Step 1: Logging in to WHM

Step 2: Basic Navigation and Initial Configuration

Step 4: Creating new cPanel accounts

In this section we will cover creating account packages you may utilize when creating new cPanel accounts.

What are packages?

These are what are assigned to your cPanel accounts to decide how many resources are allocated to that user. You may decide to have multiple tiers you charge a set price for.

You can configure limits for the following items per package:

  • Disk Quota (Measured in MB)
  • Monthly Bandwidth (Measured in MB)*
  • Max FTP Accounts
  • Max Email Accounts
  • Max Email Lists
  • Max Databases
  • Max Addon Domains^
  • Max Subdomains^
  • Max Parked Domains (Aliased Domains)

*- Bandwidth must NEVER be set to unlimited as this will cause the package to be unusable. Set to “999999999” if desiring unlimited monthly bandwidth.

^- As an addon domain requires creating a subdomain these allowances must always be equal if not unlimited.

Creating cPanel account packages

First you’ll need to decide how many packages you may want to offer through your reseller/VPS account, If looking to mirror what we offer retail then you may want to go with 3 levels:

Basic – 1000mb Disk Space, 50gb Bandwidth, 2 Addon/Subdomains

Intermediate – 2500mb Disk Space,  150gb Bandwidth, 4 Addon/Subdomains

Expert – 5000mb Disk Space,  300gb Bandwidth, 8 Addon/Subdomains

Once you’ve planned out the package(s) you want to create, Login to WHM and search up “Add a Package”. You’ll be able to apply a name and set values for all of the options mentioned earlier.

If you wish to change your package(s) at any time this can be done from “Edit a Package”.

Change a package assigned to a cPanel account

To Upgrade/Downgrade an existing account to an alternate package log into WHM and search up “Upgrade/Downgrade” in the left menu then select it.

You’ll be provided a list of your cPanel accounts to choose from, Select the desired one to be changed and confirm.

On the page you should now see all packages you have access to which will be green if you can use it, red if not (due to limits). Select a usable package and hit upgrade/downgrade below to complete.

Help! All my packages show red with (Unable to use due to limits)!

There is 2 causes for this,

  • You have used up your disk capacity with accounts you’ve already created

You’ll need to review your accounts under “List accounts” and either remove any that are no longer required to free up space or look at moving up a tier for more disk space.

  • Packages have been set to “Unlimited” against “Monthly Bandwidth”

As mentioned earlier this setting will render a package unusable. If you desire unlimited bandwidth on a package where you don’t have a limit set it to something like “99999999999gb”

Next on the final part to getting started we’ll cover creating cPanel accounts using these packages, Click here to go to the next part!

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