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Legacy WHM and Reseller Plan specifications

As of August 2022, we discontinued new WHM and Reseller hosting services and we recommended to our customers that they move these services over to our sister company Synergy Wholesale instead moving forward.

However we still allow already existing customers who had WHM and Reseller hosting previously to retain those if they liked and they were retained as Legacy Reseller services.

The below table outlines plan specifications and pricing for Legacy Reseller hosting services:

Plan Accounts Storage Monthly Price
LEGACY-RESELLER-1 25 10GB $59.95
LEGACY-RESELLER-2 50 25GB $99.95
LEGACY-RESELLER-3 100 75GB $149.95
LEGACY-RESELLER-4 150 150GB $199.95
LEGACY-RESELLER-5 200 250GB $299.95
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