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Support Centre
Find the answers to your questions and get the support you need with the VentraIP help centre.

WebAccess – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happened with WebAccess?

On January 30th, 2017, VentraIP announced that it would acquire the customers of WebAccess. As such, any services held with WebAccess will be transferred to VentraIP. VentraIP is the largest privately funded web host and domain name registrar in Australia that is focused on delivering quality solutions to its customers and is backed by a team of industry professionals who provide 24/7 customer service and technical support.

We would like to warmly welcome all WebAccess customers to the VentraIP family and we truly hope that you enjoy the VIP service we provide to our customers on a daily basis. Your business is our business and we look forward to growing our business with yours.

What’s happening with the hosting plan I was on with WebAccess?

As the hosting plans WebAccess had varied quite a bit, we have carefully selected an appropriate hosting plan with VentraIP to move you to. We’ve made selections based on plan prices and resources allocated to each plan. We will communicate any plan changes to all customers via emails in the coming weeks. If you’d like to move to a different plan or have any questions related to the plan we’ve selected please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team via email to

What’s happening with the domain names I held with WebAccess?

Most domain names will be ported directly into your new VIPcontrol account at the time of creation. However in some cases it may not be possible to automatically port some domains over to VentraIP. Should you not see a particular domain in your VIPcontrol account please check the legacy WebAccess portal. If you have any questions about any of your services please feel free to open a ticket to our 24×7 technical support via VIPcontrol.

How do I manage my services now?

As part of the acquisition, all active WebAccess clients will have a VIPcontrol account created for them based on the details stored within the WebAccess billing portal. At the time of creation of these accounts, all customers will be emailed their VIPcontrol login credentials. This will occur in the coming days and until you are notified by email that your new account has been created, you can continue using your WebAccess customer portal as normal.

Once you’ve received your login details via email you will be able manage your services via VIPcontrol.

Why are some functions in VIPcontrol not working or missing for me?

After WebAccess customers are emailed their VentraIP log in details they will be able to view and manage their services from VIPcontrol. Domain names should function as normal and you’ll have access to all of our domain management tools such as Free DNS Hosting, Web/Email Forwarding, DNSSEC, etc. With hosting services, while they remain on WebAccess’s hardware customers will only have limited access to the hosting service management tools in VIPcontrol. The ‘one click login’ button for Plesk or cPanel should still work, however for customers wanting to do things like enable SSH Access, change the primary domain name, etc. they will need to submit an eTicket to our technical support team.

Once we’ve completed migrating WebAccess services to our own hardware customers will have access to our standard management tools in VIPcontrol.

What if I have not received any VIPcontrol login details?

If you have not received your VIPcontrol login details by the 3rd of February, you can attempt to retrieve your password online here: Alternatively please feel welcome to contact our Account Recovery team via email:

How do I get support for my services?

While WebAccess customers still have access to their client area to manage any services that have not been ported over to VentraIP, the ticket system has been closed off to ensure that customers are getting the quickest and most helpful support by VentraIP’s 24×7 Technical support team.

There are a number of methods to contact our support team. You can submit an eTicket from VIPcontrol using the instructions here. All WebAccess customers log in details should have been emailed to them on 03/02/2017. If you did not receive your log in details you may be able to reset your password online here. Otherwise if you need any assistance logging in please email with the details of your service.

Our support team is also available by phone on 13 24 85.

What happens if I have automatic billing such as a credit card setup on my WebAccess account?

Unfortunately it is not possible to copy credit card information from the WebAccess billing system over to our own system. As such if you’d like to add a credit card to your account for automatic billing you will need to log into VIPcontrol, go to ‘My Payment Method’ and add the credit card details there.

Is the WebAccess customer portal still accessible?

Yes. You can still access the WebAccess portal here. We will be creating a VIPcontrol account for every WebAccess customer with active services. Over the coming days you’ll be notified via email when your new VIPcontrol account has been created. Until that time, your WebAccess portal will continue to work as normal. Your login details for VIPcontrol will be emailed to the primary contact email address you were using for WebAccess.

Why can’t I view WebAccess Support Tickets?

The support ticket system has been removed from the legacy WebAccess client area. Instead you can contact our Support team via VentraIP’s Support Centre located in VIPcontrol or by phone on 13 24 85. This will help ensure you get the speediest response from our friendly 24×7 Technical Support team.

You can find detailed instructions on how to create a new eTicket here. All customers VIPcontrol log in details should have been emailed to them on 3 February 2017. If you did not receive your log in details or need any assistance logging in please email with the details of your service.

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