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Are there any lock-in contracts?
Updated Thursday January 28th 2021 / Category Accounts

All of VentraIP Australia’s plans are not locked-in to any set billing period.

This means that you can request a cancellation of your reoccurring service at any time during your billing period, and our Accounts and Billing team will calculate the pre-paid time remaining on your service and credit it back to you.

This includes web hosting, email hosting, Google G Suite, and VPS services. Domain names and SSL certificates are registered via a third party and are not serviced as a “plan”, therefore these products cannot be cancelled.

Read more about why we cannot ‘cancel’ domain names here, or SSL Certificates here.

I no longer need my VentraIP service. How do I cancel it?

Check out our instructions for each service type:

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How do I cancel my email hosting service?
How do I cancel my G Suite service?
How do I cancel my VPS?

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