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Step One: Ensuring your domain name is loading from our servers
Updated Wednesday July 21st 2021 / Category Getting Started

Welcome to the first step of our Getting Started series to get you on the way, allowing you to spend less time managing your website and more time on your business!

Migrating to VentraIP

If you’re migrating from another hosting provider, please proceed straight to this article. If you’re not moving your website from elsewhere, then you can skip to the steps directly bellow.

Pointing your domain name at your VentraIP web hosting service

If your domain name is in the same VentraIP account

  1. Log in to VIPControl.
  2. Click the My Services option on the top-left of the account Domain Management from the tabs below.
  3. Click the DNS button for the domain that you wish to alter.
  4. Select the VentraIP Australia tab.
    • Choose the hosting service you want to point the domain name to if one is not already selected
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click the Connect to hosting service button, then Set DNS once more to confirm.
  7. Allow for 4-8 hours to pass, while these changes propagate

If your domain name is managed elsewhere

To find the nameservers you should set on your domain name, please refer to your web hosting activation email, alternatively, you can check via your VIPControl using the following steps:

  1. Log in to VIPControl.
  2. Click My Services at the top of the page cPanel Hosting from the tabs below.
  3. Click the Manage button next to your hosting plan.
  4. Scroll down to cPanel and FTP Details, then click the Server Details tab.

Here is where you will find your nameservers. Once you have updated your domain name’s nameservers or IP address, please allow for 4-8 hours to pass while these changes propagate.

What’s next?

Now that your domain registration is set, you are ready to move onto Step Two of our Getting Started series to gain access to your cPanel Service.

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