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Hosting service recovery process
Updated Wednesday February 7th 2018 / Category Accounts

Please note: we can only assist in recovering hosting for domains on their own hosting service on our own servers ONLY. If the domain is being used as an “Addon Domain” or on a VPS service this process does not apply and we cannot assist past reaching out to the account holder

In the event that you are no longer able to get in contact with the VIPControl account holder or reseller for your hosting service we do have a procedure in place to recover this into your own name. This needs to be initiated by filling out the recovery form here or by emailing recovery@ventraip.com.au.

From there our recovery team will be reaching out to the current account holder with details we have on record. They will be advised we have been contacted about a recovery for the service and then will be asked to approve or decline the recovery attempt.

One of three things will happen:

a) Account holder says yes please assist them with recovering it.

Our team will come back to you advising to purchase a new hosting service (If required). Otherwise we’ll ask for some details to set you up an account to move the service into.

b) Account holder says no and refuses the recovery attempt

Our team will come back to you and advise the attempt has been declined. Your only option from here will be to seek legal advice in recovering your service from the account holder.

c) We don’t hear from the account holder after a series of reminders

Generally we allow 2x 48 hour periods for the account holder to respond, Where we don’t hear back our team will ask for some documentation (if not already provided) to prove ownership of the domain/hosting involved. Once accepted we will ask for some personal details to set up an account or ask you to purchase a new hosting service if required.

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