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How can I keep my VentraIP account secure?
Updated Friday March 5th 2021 / Category Accounts

Enabling Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Your VIPControl account supports two-factor authentication, which allows you to create a second layer of security for your account to keep your information and services secure.

Keeping your account details up to date

If we need to authenticate you or help you recover your account, we may need to rely on your account details to verify that we’re speaking to the right person. If you keep your details up to date, recovering your account is much easier.

Use a secure password

Make sure your password for your VIPControl account or other VentraIP services are not used elsewhere, and your password is reasonably long with some special characters. If possible, we’d recommend using a password manager as well.

Consider using a third-party tool such as to check the strength of your password.





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