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Migrating your website from another control panel
Updated Wednesday July 21st 2021 / Category Migration

Other than using cPanel details, there are other ways that we can access your hosting content to migrate it across.

The migration process itself does not involve any ‘downtime’. However, downtime will occur when your DNS records are updated to point your domain to the new hosting service with us.

Submit a migration request

  1. Log into your VIPControl account once it has been created
  2. Once logged in, click on the Support option on the top-left in your account Migration Request from the menu below.
  3. Here you will select the hosting environment that you are currently using or Other if it is not displayed

What details do I need?

  • FTP or SFTP username and password
  • The domain name(s) we’re migrating over
  • The IP address of your old host
  • Export of any database(s) your website needs
  • Email username(s)/password(s) if we need to move over emails as well
  • Confirm if you want us to update the DNS records post-migration
  • Date and time to do the migration

NOTE: You may need to ask your current host for assistance in finding some of this information – such as username/password, database export, IP address, etc.

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