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SSL Certificates and dedicated IP Addresses
Updated Friday November 6th 2020 / Category SSL Certificates

Short answer: No

There is currently no reason you’d need to have a Dedicated IP address on our Shared Hosting servers. Long ago it was only possible to install an SSL Certificate if you had a dedicated IP address for your website. A technology called SNI, which is standard on web servers today, solved this problem by allowing multiple certificates to be installed on a single shared IP address. The only issue there after was with older web browsers not offering support for SNI. In order to ensure anyone visiting a website can view it, having a Dedicated IP address would cover all bases. We’ve addressed this below along with a few other common misconceptions around using Dedicated IP addresses. Some common reasons people think they may need a Dedicated IP address are:

I need a Dedicated IP address so that visitors using older browsers can view my website

A common reason for purchasing a Dedicated IP address was to ensure older browsers that do not support SNI can still view a website. Today as a result of an SSL vulnerability detected in 2014 called POODLE all of our shared hosting servers no longer support SSL v3.0 and as a result those older browsers that don’t support SNI actually don’t support any SSL (either on a shared or Dedicated IP address) given that the minimum requirement on modern servers now is TLS1.2. The good news is that it’s extremely rare for anyone to be using a browser that doesn’t support SNI anyway.

I need a dedicated IP address to help improve my SEO ranking

This one was actually debunked a long time ago by Google’s Director of Technology. You can read the Interview in full here. Even today in Google’s webmaster guidelines there is no mention of anything to suggest that having a Dedicated IP will in any way improve your SEO ranking.

I need a dedicated IP address so that my email delivery is not affected by other users on the server

All of our shared hosting servers actually route mail through a Spam Experts Outbound Spam Filter. This means that even with a Dedicated IP address, the IP address that is actually sending the email is the address of our Spam Filter (this cannot be changed on a per user level). The spam filter is there for the very purpose of ensuring the IP reputation stays positive and email deliverability is always at its best.

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