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[VPS Addons] Fortinet Hardware Firewall

This article is part of a series covering licensed software that can or will be included on a Self Managed or Fully Managed VPS plan.

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What is a Managed Fortinet Hardware Firewall?

This is additional hardware that we configure and put into place for your Virtual Private Server, It’s main function is to monitor all network traffic that passes through when heading to your server and will perform Intrusion Prevention Scanning (Known as IPS. This looks for any potential malicious traffic being submitted back through the network into your server. It can also be configured to block certain IP’s before they even reach the server itself.


Why go with this over software based filtering on the server itself?

We actually recommend both, This provides layered security which means if or when one part fails the other is there to pick up the slack.

Also when working and configured properly the external hardware firewall will do most if not all of the work, This leaves 100% of the servers resources to focus on serving sites and doing what it needs to do.


So how much of this is managed?

All of it!, It’s all costed into the price of this addon. As it’s hardware on our side it’s fully configured and maintained by us.

If you suspect any issue with the filtering taking place you are welcome to open a support ticket to our technical support team to query further..


Any other queries or clarification you’d like on a specific function?

Pop an eTicket through to our sales team who can assist on your queries. We’re here 24 x 7 and can handle any pre-sale questions you may have.

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