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[VPS Addons] Acronis Incremental Server Backups

This article is part of a series covering licensed software that can or will be included on a Self Managed or Fully Managed VPS plan.

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What is Acronis Incremental Backups?

This is an incremental block style backup system with a rich and scalable feature set. Using their Acronis kernel module, server data is backed up at the block level, bypassing the file system and reading data directly from the disk or volume.

Acronis backups will be taken every 6 hours. Unfortunately this interval cannot be lowered.

Features of Acronis Incremental Server Backups:

Block-Level Backups

Block-level backups bypass the file system and read the data directly from the Disk or Volume. This means that you are able to run fast, performance-friendly backups regardless of the number of files you’re trying to backup. Block-level backups also always have built-in support for open file backup and snapshot features, allowing you to get the most out of your storage space and resources.


Restore individual files, databases, or mailboxes through the Acronis cPanel plugin. No separate login required.

Entire Server Restoration

Restore your entire VPS to any point in time up to 1 month ago.

Control Panel Interface

Secure local authentication of users. Enable user self-service backup and restore. Integrate with popular Linux Control Panels (Such as cPanel/WHM).

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