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[VPS Addons] KernelCare

This article is part of a series covering licensed software that can or will be included on a Self Managed or Fully Managed VPS plan.

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What is KernelCare?

KernelCare is an application used to update the server OS without the need for reboots, this will check every 4 hours by default for any critical updates that need to be applied keeping your server protected against any up and coming issues or threats without interrupting uptime that’s important to you and your customers.


Main features of this product:

The benefits for utilizing this software can be summed up as follows –

  • Ensure kernels are always up to date with all security updates
  • Ensure maximum security with frequent updates – the agent runs checks every four hours
  • No more servers running with vulnerabilities for months just to avoid downtime
  • No need to coordinate server reboots by your system users and customers (both you and your users can forget about dreaded downtime)
  • No conflicts with applications running on the server


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