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My current host doesn't use cPanel, how can I move my website to you?
Updated Saturday August 19th 2017 / Category Migration

In the past you would have had to do the migration yourself, however times are changing and it’s only getting easier to complete migrations from hosts not using cPanel.

The good news is that we’re always looking to adapt and make things easier for our clients. Because of this we now do migrations to our cPanel hosting services from other hosts not using cPanel!
All we need from you you is to submit a migration request in VIPControl >> Support Centre >> Migration request.

In this migration request we need the following details for your previous host:

Username for your current hosting environment
Domain we’re migrating over
IP address of your old host
Email details if we need to move over emails aswell
Confirm if you have SSH Access
Confirm if you want us to update the DNS records post migration
A date and time to do the migration

There will also be two confirmation boxes to tick.


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