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How to add resources to your VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Updated Thursday January 28th 2021 / Category VPS

Why add resources to my VPS?

You may need more resources on your Self-Managed or Fully-Managed VPS service if you are experiencing some performance issues, or want to add more websites to your service.

You can add the following stackable resources to your VPS:

  • 1 Additional IPv4 Address
  • 50GB Additional Disk Space
  • 1GB Additional Memory (RAM)
  • 1 Additional vCPU Core
  • 100GB Additional Bandwidth
  • Additional cPanel Licences (available in increments of 20 and 50 licences)

The following are also available to Self-Managed VPS services that do not already have these installed:

  • Acronis Backups
  • Hardware Firewall
  • Complete Security Suite
  • Nagios Service Monitoring
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • LiteSpeed LiteMage Cache (for Magento websites)
  • cPanel/WHM/Installatron (CentOS 7 servers only)
  • CloudLinux & Kernelcare (CentOS 7 servers only)

How to request add-ons

  1. Navigate to the VPS section of VIPControl, and click Manage next to your VPS service.
  2. In the left menu on this page, click Resource Addons.
  3. Here, you can request add-ons via our automatic system.
    If the add-on you’re looking for isn’t in the list here, it will require manual processing.
    Please submit an eTicket to Accounts and Billing to have this done.
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