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Completing Google Workspace domain validation

Verification of your domain to be able to use Google services is an early setup step prior to making any users on the Google Workspace platform. They offer a range of methods to verify your domain much like the alternate methods used when purchasing and validating an SSL Certificate if you are familiar with that process.

This process is to prove you are the domain administrator and have control to be able to use Google services.

One thing to be aware of, after completing one method of verification the administrator portal is going to ask for a second method of verification to make the connection more resilient to abuse. This can be skipped but it’s recommended that a second one is completed to ensure verification is indisputable.

Validation Methods

The methods of verification you can use when validating your domain are as follows:

TXT DNS verification

Requires a unique TXT record be put in place on the domains active DNS zone. This is generated in the prompt given and usually starts with ‘google-site-verification=’ followed by a long string of characters.

For any customers unsure how to achieve this, please contact support and we can help advise on how to put this in place.

Once the record is put in place on your domains DNS zone it may take a couple of hours to be visible by Google as it needs to propagate out.

HTML tag

This requires the site <head> data be edited to include a unique meta-tag be included which is view-able by visitors looking in the right place of the page request after loading the site.

Verification this way doesn’t need any lead time or propagation and can be done instantly.

HTML file (Beacon File)

Google will provide you with a .html file to be downloaded and uploaded on to the web hosting account for the domain being verified.

  • If using hosting with us the file should be uploaded via File Manager into ‘public_html/’
  • If with other hosting providers you may need to engage their support or speak to a developer on where to put this file to be accessible on your domain.

Once uploaded you should be able to visit the page link given on the administrator portal to display the file from Google on your site.

Verification this way doesn’t need any lead time or propagation and can be done instantly.

Google Analytics

This allows you to prove ownership of a domain linked to an already existing Google Analytics account which would have already gone through validation. This is a separate service offered by Google which is not part of Google Workspace but can contribute towards verification.

If having issues with completing validation reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to explain what needs to be done to advance.

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