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Find the answers to your questions and get the support you need with the VentraIP help centre.

Updating your Email Settings in Outlook for Mac

Are you looking to add a new account to Outlook? Find our guide for that here.

  1. On the Tools tab, select accounts. This will open a new window.
  2. On the left side, click to select an account to modify.
  3. The right side of this pane is where you can update your settings for this account – including incoming/outgoing server name, password, ports, and SSL/TLS settings.

Create an IMAP account

Still, having issues getting set up?

Our support on issues using this software is limited – we’re happy to verify you’ve put everything in the right place. Please submit an eTicket to our technical support team with screenshots of the configurations you applied per this article, and we will let you know if anything has been missed.

Beyond this, you will need to follow our earlier suggestion of consulting the internet or looking into the vendor’s knowledge base. Click here for Microsoft Office Support.

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