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What's the difference between an SSL Certificate and and SSL/TLS Protocol?
Updated Thursday February 4th 2021 / Category Web Hosting

An SSL Certificate and SSL or TLS protocol aren’t actually all that related. The SSL/TLS protocol is the steps that a computer or server takes to encrypt information, and the certificate is used to verify that the computer/server is who they say they are.

This means that the encryption protocol or method is independent of the certificate. If the SSL/TLS version is old, this means that the information isn’t 100% safe, even though a website or service has an SSL Certificate.

Some versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX don’t support some of the more modern and secure SSL/TLS protocols. This might mean your computer is connecting to websites and other services in an insecure way. We have a list of the different versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and other operating systems that do an don’t support modern encryption methods/protocols.


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