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Everything about SSL certificates

What is an SSL certificate?

SSLs are responsible for the padlock that lets people know your website can be trusted. If you’re taking payments via your website, it is in the best interest of your customers’ security to use an SSL certificate to protect your website.

An SSL Certificate is a digital document that tells a visitor’s browser or application that your domain has been validated to be legitimate and is allowed to send and receive data securely. These can’t be given out by just anyone and a certified and trusted Certificate Authority (also known as a ‘CA’) has to be the one who digitally signs the SSL Certificate so that it will work without an error.

For all intents and purposes, the encryption at play which helps move data back and forward is the same across all levels, you are not paying for better encryption with a more expensive certificate – you are paying for a higher warranty, added functionality, and time spent by the CA performing the more intense validation and verification.

The different types of SSL certificates

There are different types of SSL Certificates, that offer different levels of validations and various warranty levels. We have several guides

Installing an SSL certificate on your website

You can purchase a paid SSL through our website and using the auto-installer within VIPcontrol. If the auto-installer can’t detect your website, we have a guide on installing the certificate manually.


AutoSSL is a new feature offered by cPanel, which allows you to easily install a free SSL Certificate.

We have a separate guide on how to enable AutoSSL on your web hosting service.

Covering your site with a warranty

A warranty is a level of insurance provided by the Certificate Authority to cover your customers’ purchases made through any domain that SSL certificate covers. If your website does not have a store on it, this might not be an important part of your decision-making when choosing an SSL certificate. It’s important to keep in mind that AutoSSL certificates do not come with any warranty.

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