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Organization Validation (OV) Process for SSL Certificates

Organization Validation (OV)

Organization Validation (OV) is where many certificates in validation stages spend most of their time. Comodo® try to make this step as easy as possible for you but there are times where we may need additional help to complete this step to secure a valid SSL Certificate for your business.

This process concerns: Premium SSL Premium SSL WildCard Premium EV SSL

During the Organization Validation process Comodo® will try to locate and verify your business in various online databases. If your business is within the US & Canada, they will contact your Secretary of State or provincial authorities to verify the existence and validity of your business. If you are in country outside of the United States they will attempt to access your data from available databases (ABR, ASIC Online for AU).

In the event that they are unable to find your company information, or if your company information doesn’t match the data on your CSR, Comodo® will ask you for documentation. They can accept almost any type of third-party verifiable documentation.

Comodo® can accept the following types of documentation: Articles Of Incorporation (must include State officer seal) Fictitious Name / Doing Business As Document Business Licensing (state/city licensing, right to use tax permit) Bank Statement (must be printed, not from online sources) Merchant Account Statement (must be printed) Utility/Telephone Bills

They cannot accept the following types of documentation: Simple letters on corporate letterheads Applications for documentation (such as IRS EIN applications) Government documents without signatures/seals

If your business has no legal documentation, or you would like to use your own personal name on your SSL certificate, we will need a copy of your driver’s license, government-issued identification, or passport. Your personal name will appear on the SSL certificate.

When your documentation is ready email the documents to Comodo by attaching them to a response on the email you have been sent. Please note your domain name on your documentation so that we can match it quickly with your order.

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