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Find the answers to your questions and get the support you need with the VentraIP help centre.

Manual change of registrant (CoR) process

Sometimes you cannot initiate a Change Of Registrant via your VIPControl account. This will be because the ABN/ACN associated with the domain name is invalid or cancelled.

For Businesses or Organisations

To initiate a CoR process, we need some evidence that the domain name has changed entity.

Here are some examples of documentation we accept as proof of a change of ownership.

  • A copy of a sales agreement showing that the business was sold or changed hands; or
  • A signed letter on company letterhead stating that the domain name has changed hands; or
  • Any valid document showing the domain name or business has changed hands.

IMPORTANT: Documentation provided for a Change of Registrant needs to be dated before the previous ABN/ACN on the domain expired. For example, if the ABN on a domain expired in March 2020, valid documentation would need to be dated February 2020 or earlier.

For Sole Traders and Partnerships

Sometimes an ABN/ACN is associated with a domain name is for a Sole Transfer or Partnership. In which case, we need to see that the Sole Trader or at least one member of the Partnership is the one requesting the COR be completed. We normally accept any form of government-issued ID (e.g. drivers license, passport) as proof that the Sole Trader or member of a Partnership is actually requesting the CoR take place.

Transfer of Domain Chain Form

In the event that there is no supporting documentation to complete the CoR process, auDA have provided a document that you can fill out to proceed with the Change Of Registrant. This document is referred to as a ‘Transfer of Domain Chain Form’ and you can download that here. This form is to be completed where a domain name has been transferred to another registrant, and the current registrant i.e. the listed licensee of the domain name, no longer exists.

This form needs to be filled out and supplied to our support team with any supporting documentation AND a Statutory declaration that includes a signature from a Justice of Peace.

Important Information

  • Once the COR process is complete, the domain name’s registration is effectively “reset”. This means that the expiry date will be changed to exactly 1 year from the time the COR is completed.
  • There is a fee for the COR process, which is equal to 1 year of registration/renewal.
  • If the existing ABN/ACN/RBN associated with the domain name is no longer valid or cancelled (and the ABN is not a sole trader), we will need further information from you in order to be able to initiate the COR process. In which case, submit an eTicket to our support team.


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