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Exporting a domain name information from VIPControl
Updated Wednesday July 21st 2021 / Category Domain Names General

You have the option of exporting their active domain name information to a CSV file which contains the expiry date, domain name password (EPP) and nameservers of each entry.

  1. Log in to VIPControl.
  2. Using the Menu click Domains and select Manage.
  3. Click the Export icon in the bottom-right side of your domains list.

Please note: Only active domain names here will be exported.

Advanced export options

You have the option to select the information you would like exported alongside your active domain names and the format you would like it completed in. The options available are as follows:


  • Expiry Date
  • Domain Name Password (EPP Key)
  • Nameservers
  • Registrant Contacts

Export format

  • Display On Screen
    This will display the requested data in plain text within your browser; you can save this via your browser or use copy/paste functionality to move it to your program of choice.
  • Save as CSV file
    This exports the data into a CSV file format which can be opened in Excel, Sheets, and more.


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