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SPF records for dedicated email hosting
Updated Thursday January 28th 2021 / Category Email Hosting

What is an SPF record and should I set one up?

The SPF record is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery. More precisely, the current version of SPF – protects the envelope sender address, which is used for the delivery of messages.

It is optional to create one, however more and more email hosting providers/services are using SPF records to verify that an email is legitimate or not. So it can be a good idea to set it up.

What SPF record needs to be added?

This is our SPF record, which you can add to your domain name’s DNS settings, so that recipient mail systems/services understand that our platform is authorized to send emails using your domain name.

"v=spf1 +a +mx ~all"

If you have an existing SPF record, you will need to edit it to add our SPF settings. Here is an example of an existing SPF record that doesn’t include our SPF information:

"v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:123.456.789.000 ~all"

And here is how you’d add our SPF settings to that existing record:

"v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:123.456.789.000 ~all"

How to add the SPF record

Here is the DNS record information you need, to create a new SPF record. Keeping in mind that if you have an existing SPF record, you will need to edit is like the example above.

  • Record Type: TXT
  • Hostname:
  • Value: v=spf1 +a +mx ~all
  • TTL: 3600

An SPF record is added as a TXT record in your domain name’s DNS settings. If you domain name is using our Free DNS Hosting platform, you can follow these steps to add a TXT record. And if you’re using cPanel to manage your domain name’s DNS records, follow these steps.

If your domain name’s DNS settings are managed with a 3rd party, you will need to contact them about setting up your new SPF record.

More Information About SPF

For more information on SPF records, please read more.

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