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Creating and Managing Email Aliases
Updated Tuesday March 20th 2018 / Category Email Hosting

To put it simply, an email alias is a virtual email address that forwards to an alternate email address. Through VIPControl, you can create and manage your email aliases. You can create up to 50 email aliases per domain name. Once you exceed this limit you will need to delete existing email aliases before you can create any new aliases.  It’s important to note that you can only set the destination of an alias to an already existing account within the same domain name.

Add a new aliases

The “Add an alias” section will allow you to create a new email alias. Simply enter the username that you would like the virtual account created, and then the destination where you would like it delivered directly below this in the second box (aptly titled Deliver To). This delivery address does need to be an active email account within the same domain.

Creating a catch-all address

Catch-all addresses are created to ensure that messages that are accidentally addressed to an incorrect email address for a domain can still be received. This means that any email directed to anything before the @ symbol will be forwarded to the address you nominate. To do this, simply select the Catch-All textbox and complete the Deliver To to specify where you would like the mail delivered.

It’s advisable to designate a catch-all address only when you really need it. Spammers will quite often try to guess email addresses in your domain and when they incorrectly guess an account, that mail is then delivered to the catch-all address. This could be a problem because the volume of the incoming messages may exceed the receiving limits for your account and may result in your account being locked, and legitimate emails being delayed or blocked.

Managing existing aliases

Once an email alias has been created you can manage them through the Current Aliases section. If you need to modify the Catch Address or the Deliver To address for an existing alias, you will need to delete the alias first and then recreate it using the steps above as there is no ability to edit existing email aliases.

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