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How many emails can I send per hour?
Updated Tuesday February 23rd 2021 / Category Email Hosting

To help mitigate spam distribution, all VentraIP cPanel Web Hosting services have a limit on the maximum number of emails which can be sent per hour (within any given 60 minute period). These limits are:

  • Select Hosting  – 1000 emails per hour
  • Dedicated Email Hosting – 2000 emails per hour
  • Self Managed & Fully Managed VPS – unlimited, otherwise set by the client

We understand that some users and businesses need to dispatch more emails per hour than our shared cPanel web hosting plans can provide; so if you require no limitation we recommend one of our Self Managed or Fully Managed VPS services.

Acceptable Use Policy

Please take into consideration our Acceptable Use Policy when looking at those limits.

As per section 8 of our Acceptable Use Policy regarding Spam and Bulk Email. All services outbound emails per domain are limited.

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