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How can I add my email account to my devices?
Updated Tuesday August 4th 2020 / Category Web Hosting

Prior to setting up email on your device(s) you will need to have done one of the following:

Once you have created a mailbox using one of these methods you will be able to retrieve server settings from cPanel itself – if you’re using Dedicated Email Hosting this will have been in the welcome email we send out once your mailbox is configured.

Setting up on your specific device

Here are some guides for some of the more popular email clients.
While we do our best to ensure your email service is working, if you run into issues while trying to apply your settings to a specific device or software we recommend contacting the vendor directly.
Our staff are not able to provide support on software not developed or sold by us.

iPhone Mail

Outlook 365

Mac Mail

Outlook for Mac


Gmail Web App

Windows 10 Mail

Outlook 2016

Android Mail

Gmail for Mobile

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