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Manage plugins and themes using WordPress Toolkit

cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit offers a simple interface that allows you to manage plugins and themes for your WordPress installations.

Managing Plugins

Activating, Deactivating, Uninstall and Update

In the plugins tab, you can easily select single or multiple plugins, then opt to Activate, Deactivate, Uninstall and Update them.

cPanel Toolkit - Manage Plugins

Installing or Uploading a new plugin

The Install button will allow you to search for new plugins and install them on whichever website you select. And the Upload plugin will provide you with the ability to upload a .zip file containing a plugin and install it.

Managing Themes

Uninstall and Update themes

If you want to uninstall or update single or multiple themes, this can be done easily. You just need to select the themes you want to uninstall/update, then click the Uninstall or Update buttons accordingly.

WordPress Toolkit - Manage Themes

Install and Upload Themes

Much like the plugin installation options, the theme installation allows you to search for or upload a theme in .zip format.

By clicking Install, you can search for and install themes on a website of your choice. Or, you can click Upload Plugin if you need to manually upload a theme contained inside a .zip file.

WordPress Toolkit - Install Plugin

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